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I am headed into my twelfth year, now as an associate professor, at MSU. I love living in East Lansing, especially the amazing people I share a neighborhood with, the incredible schools, basketball games at the Breslin, and my bike ride into campus each day. I grew up in central Minnesota (Brainerd, for those who have seen Fargo). I went to the University of Chicago, where I was a philosophy major. After that, I taught English for two years in eastern Hungary (see my school here). Subsequently, I taught in northern Minnesota at Indus High School for four years (secondary social studies, k-12 gifted talented, philosophy and cinema courses). I received my PhD in education from the University of Minnesota in 2007. I am the proud father of three children, Gus (eleven years old), Teddy (nine years old), and Mary Rose (four years old). My wife, Molly, for many years an assistant prosecutor for Ingham County, is now a Commissioner at the Michigan Supreme Court.

family photo.jpg

My family: Kyle, Molly, my wife, and my children: Gus (11 years old), Teddy (9 years old), and Rosie (5 years old)


My son, Gus, and Goldy. We are both Spartans and Gophers in our house!
2012-03-25 13.30.21.jpg

My sons, Gus and Teddy. Go Green!
My daughter, Mary Rose. Don't mess with her!

France photo.jpg

Our sabbatical trip to Nice--photo from our big hike in Cinque Terre!

Spartans Stand Together.jpg

Spartans Stand Together! These days, that means working to make campus a safe place for all, dedicated to justice, honesty, and humility!